Keynote Talk

Our keynote speaker has been confirmed as Professor Sue Heath. We are very excited that her talk will mark the opening of the Mundane Methods event.

The art of everyday life: urban sketching meets sociology

What happens when a professional artist gets together with a group of academics, most of whom haven’t picked up a paintbrush in years? This paper will reflect on a journey over the last academic year spent in the company of Lynne Chapman: urban sketcher, illustrator and Leverhulme Artist in Residence in the Morgan Centre for Research into Everyday Lives. The experience taught us many things – about ourselves, about the absorbing world of urban sketching, and about our own research practice. As we suspected, there are many parallels between Lynne’s work and our own work as reflexive and creative qualitative sociologists. We have learnt that sketching truly is ‘a revelatory act’: a deeply immersive, multi-layered and absorbing process, obliging us to ‘really look’ at the social world around us and hence enable us to capture something of the art of everyday life.

Sue Heath is a Professor of Sociology and Co-Director of the Morgan Centre for Research into Everyday Lives. She was the academic lead for the ‘Art of Everyday Life’ Leverhulme Artist in Residency project, having met Lynne through involvement in Urban Sketchers Yorkshire. She has an interest in creative and innovative methods, and bringing Lynne together with a bunch of qualitative sociologists with similar interests was too good an opportunity to miss!

You can register to attend Sue’s talk here